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San Juan Islands

San Juan Islands are accessible by both air and water but typically the Alaska ferry system is the method of choice to get to these islands. Transportation relies heavily on the Marine system. Because the San Juan Islands are surrounded by major shipping channels, it is one of the most heavily used routes connecting Port of Vancouver and other parts in the area with the Pacific Ocean. In addition, over 500 oil tankers pass through this area each year often bound for Bellingham, Anacortes and other areas. Ships bound for British Columbia or Alaska frequently use these passages to take advantage of tidal currents.

Tourist Information

The San Juan Islands are an important tourist center with the kayaking and whale watching which can be enjoyed with air tours and boat tours in the area.

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Local Business in San Juan Island

Yellow pages come in very handy to be able to find information on the 400 islands that encompass the San Juan Islands. As diversified as the San Juan Islands are, you will find business details and phone numbers in each of these local search areas. It’s also much easier to obtain more in-depth materials using our online directory system because companies are able to update their information as it changes. We appreciate your help on letting us know if you find facts that are no longer accurate. Our goal is to do everything we can to continue to update the data and maps so that you can easily find businesses in this area.

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Our reverse phone directory assistance can also help you locate the businesses if you have the number but are not sure which business that might be. With free directory assistance in our online yellow pages phone book you’ll find it much easier to locate the companies for which you searching.

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